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Axiom Health Solutions Workshops

Person holding wrist at desk

“Fit while you Sit”

You will learn how to maintain proper posture at work and how to keep your spine healthy on the job. Covers some simple exercises that can help with carpal tunnel, headaches, spinal pain and prevent “hunching” of the back over time. Perfect for anyone who is on the computer or sits for long periods at a desk at work. We’ve done this at hundreds of corporations and small businesses with great feedback.

Apple with tape measure around it

“Rocket Fuel Nutrition”

Covers the 3 biggest nutrition myths that are causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall sickness in people. You will learn the 3 simple changes you can make in your diet to get the biggest bang for your buck. Includes instruction on shopping and reading food labels. This is a very popular workshop for MOPS groups, clubs, corporate wellness days, lunch ‘n learns, etc.

Woman meditating

“Stress Less”

Outlines the physiological stress response and how it affects adrenal function, limits productivity and creativity. We uncover stress triggers and give practical stress management tips for your personal and work life. Learn the keys to having more energy, increased longevity and unprecedented performance levels.

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