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How's your Vision?

One of my mentors once said that the key to having a satisfying and energizing life is having a vision to embrace and a mission to follow. Our vision for you is that you live an incredible, disease free, energy filled life and end up on a cruise ship when you’re 90 years old.  That you can use all the money you have to make the world a better place because you didn’t spend it on doctor bills or nursing home fees.  That you are able to do all the things that God put you on this planet to do. Life is fun when you catch the vision.  You realize that you have the power to change your health and you finally see progress.  You retire from the medical model.  You stop having your parts poked, prodded and assaulted during check-ups.  You do things to prevent disease instead of waiting until some test comes back positive.  You start waking up with energy again.  You look forward to your future with no worn-out joints or failing organs.  Every day is one step closer to the cruise ship and away from the nursing home. That’s the vision for you, but what about everybody else?  It’s that everyone else would end up on that cruise ship too.  That moms and dads wouldn’t have to cry themselves to sleep at night because their child is having seizures and they don’t have an answer.  That people would not have to watch their futures be stolen away from them while they take the pills that are making big Pharma even richer. The mission is a natural consequence of knowing what you know.  The mission is “what about them?”  You realize that the people around you need to know what you know.  You realize that life is not all about you and that you will never be satisfied if it is all about you.  The greatest moments I’ve ever experienced in life have come from helping others.  That’s the way we are wired. For you, ending up on the cruise ship is simple:  Get adjusted with your family for life, eat more food that you were designed to eat and move your body.  As for the mission, tell the people around you what you know.  Be the example.  You can change lives with what you know.  When you walk out of the office today, you are entering the mission field. Health crisis OUTSIDE our office:  Like millions of Americans, Michael David Israel was addicted to opioids – drugs prescribed to him by his doctor. Michael and his parents asked their doctor, his GI surgeon, the local hospital and their insurance company for help. Michael was denied help every step along the way. On June 4th, 2011, Michael walked into his room, locked the door and shot himself. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO HAPPEN! Life transformations INSIDE our office: Matt H. – prescribed opioid pain medications for chronic low back pain and sciatica. He suffered from near debilitating low back pain for years and the “system” only had dangerous addictive drugs to offer him. Once he was referred to our office and started receiving chiropractic care, his back pain went away and so did his pain meds! THE MISSION THIS WEEK – Find someone like Matt and BRING them in next week for our Patient Appreciation canned food drive. 10 cans of food will cover their 1st 3 days of care. YOU get a free adjustment, entered to win a BIG prize and more importantly YOU get to save a life!